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It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment, where we'll work to achieve the goal together

Dating & Relationships

Loving each other makes it easier to solve the invariable issues that come up daily

Self-Esteem Issues

The most common and dangerous features of low self-esteem is negative self-talk.

Family Psychology

Principles of theory with the interpersonal system of the family, focus of assessment

Social Anxiety Disorder

The anxiety can interfere significantly with daily routines, your job, social life etc.

Elderly Couples Issues

Here’s another challenge that many married couples encounter in the later stages

Depression Treatment

Depression is currently fourth among the top 10 leading causes of the global burden



Dr. Archana is very thorough and picks up on problem areas which are not apparent to the patient. In fact, in two sessions only she was able to turn my thinking around. I did not feel that she was pushing me too fast and moving at a pace that I can't cope with. She uses CBT and other modalities effectively. What I like most about her is that she can instinctively sense which modality / will work best for which problem. I've done over 8 sessions with her and am feeling much more in control of my thinking.

Alex & Donna RaccoAccountant

“I visited her for anxiety and depression symptoms. And it's been 8 months, more than a doctor she has been my friend, my mentor, my person.

And I think for all of you going through something, she is actually going to be your person. Listen to all your problems and take you out of the darkness.

My life has never been better. And I am the happiest form of myself. It's a big thanks to her. I cannot describe in words what she means to me and what an amazing journey I have had.”

Emily SmithHousekeeper

“It has been one great experience meeting Dr Archana as she has indeed helped me sail through the most difficult times. I had already been taking sessions from the other doctors but they just didn't match upto the level of understanding and ability which only Dr. Archana possessed in my case precisely! She handles her patients with maturity and smartness and she makes you feel so comfortable that you tend to share all your problems with her without any hesitation.”


Samantha LeeSales Manager

“I had OCD and social anxiety issues. It affected me in every aspect. I Was constantly mocked during school, college time. I don't mind it now. But my studies got affected due to my overall anxiety issues. Dr. Archana helped me understand my symptoms, and work accordingly. I wasn't really supportive initially, but after some time, I also tried my best to overcome OCD. Through her guidance I've learned to control my anxiety and clear all backlogs, which was no less than a miracle.”

Nicole StoneManager

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