Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy – also known as “talk therapy” – is a process where psychological and emotional issues are worked on through communication between a client and a therapist. One may not suffer from any psychiatric disorder in order to take up psychotherapy. Issues related to distress, personal development, or general efforts at enhancing one’s well-being can lead an individual to seek psychotherapy. Commonly seen difficulties include adjustment problems, anxiety, stress and related issues, concentration difficulties, trauma -related stress, body-image issues, poor self-esteem, procrastination and low confidence. psychotherapy for depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), eating disorders, and adult ADHD is also provided.

Online/ Telephonic Consultations

In the times we live, where the world is affected by COVID-19 and along with it a plethora of psychological issues such as uncertainty and anxiety are being faced by a number of people; online therapy is the new norm. If your mental health has been affected by this virus, support is available and you can consult me online or via a telephonic session for a range of issues and concern like - emotional and behavioral problems, mood disorders and depression, overthinking, trauma related stress, concentration difficulties, anxiety and panic disorders, work related stress, etc.

Single Session Therapy

Single Session Therapy is an intervention strategy for those individuals who have a specific issue that can be tackled in a focused way. It is aimed at quickly resolving one pertinent issue which is addressed in a single -session, with the understanding that more help is available. Sometimes, even a single therapy and counseling session can work wonders for your mental, emotional and psychological well-being. From depression and anxiety to concentration and stress related issues, I provide single sessions to help people overcome their challenges and issues.

Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents

Many of the behavioural problems or mental health symptoms that can keep children and adolescents from leading happy, successful lives can be effectively treated with therapies. With behaviour therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, family counselling and parent management training, I help parents and children learn how to work and live better with others, and to build the skills and habits that help them succeed in school and in life. I see children with concentration, academic, emotional and behavioural issues. Other commonly seen issues are related to gaming and screen addiction, body-image and relationship issues among adolescents. Diagnosis and therapies are available for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Specific Learning Disabilities, and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Psychological Assessment for Children

Detailed cognitive and educational assessments are carried out through the use of the latest, and standardized psychological assessment tests. Our team takes up detailed psychological and psychoeducational assessments for suggesting academic accommodations. Detailed developmental assessments, assessments for IQ, ADHD and Specific Learning Disability /Dyslexia are taken up regularly. Our reports are comprehensive with detailed recommendations provided to the client and the referral source.

Therapy is about finding the right match between a client and a therapist. I try to establish a warm, collaborative and interactive relationship with my clients. We work on trying to resolve areas of immediate distress as well as trying to understand how the past may be affecting your current situation.
I believe that each of us has the ability to achieve emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Through a collaborative therapeutic approach, I assist individuals, couples, and families in working through obstacles of life.

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